The Ace & Jig fashion line has quite a following. Some might call it a fashion obsession. Collecting, trading, discussing – it’s not your typical brand loyalty. It’s a movement, and it’s easy to see why once you learn more about Ace & Jig.  

The Love of Texture and Empowering Women.

What makes Ace & Jig special is not just the look. Founders Vaughan and Wilson’s design process goes down to the structure of the textiles and the dyes used to color them. Their clothes are also made with ancient wooden looms in the city of Udaipur, India. Many of the patterns  are actually inspired by the city.

Speaking of manufacturing, how Ace & Jig goes about making their clothing is a major reason they have a following. About 90% of the workers at their factory are women. Knowing the burden that women in developing countries have with balancing work and family life, the manufacturer provides free childcare. They also provide freshly grown produce for their workers. Everyday, during lunchtime, parents at the factory are allowed to eat, and spend time with their children.

From Fair Trade to Consumer Trade!

Ace & Jig’s style combined with ethics have developed a culture of its own. Across social media, you’ll find a massive consumer fashion trade, yes TRADE!. The women that wear Ace & Jig are eager to not just show off the style, but tell the Ace & Jig story to anyone they meet. When these women get together, not just collecting but trading pieces became a whole new love in person and online. Even the creators of Ace & Jig got in on the fun of this trading community and went on a road trip through the West Coast to host clothing swaps.

At Twig, we are a proud seller of Ace & Jig. We love the excitement of our customers who just can’t wait for that next Ace & Jig product!  

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