Rachel Comey isn’t exactly a household name in fashion, but more of a cult figure. She won’t run ads in major magazines, her fashion shows are more like dinner parties in artist studios, and you can’t find her clothes in every store. With her fashion line comes an atmosphere of exclusivity and secrecy. Nonetheless, her work has been featured in the New York Fashion Week and worn by celebrities. 

So why are people interested in Rachel Comey?  

Stage Clothes and a Big Break

Comey grew up right outside of Hartford, Connecticut and was an art major at the University of Vermont. Her focus however...was on sculpting. It wasn’t until four years after graduating college that she decided to make the move to New York City. On her first day there, she was immediately hired as a production assistant for a Ralph Lauren photoshoot. However, this isn’t where she got her start in design.

Rachel Comey began designing clothes for bands in the New York music scene during the early 2000’s. Comey at the time was dating Eugene Hütz and made clothes for his band, Gogol Bordello. She then went on to design stage clothes for other bands as well.

While working on pinstriped shirts that were designed to be photogenic on stage, a friend approached her and told Comey that her client was interested in the shirts. The client turned out to be David Bowie.

Bowie went on to wear the shirt on David Letterman in 2002, and Comey became recognized in the world of fashion. Since Bowie, she’s developed a celebrity fan base that includes Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zosia Mamet, Rashida Jones, and Tracee Ellis Ross. Ross also wears pieces from Comey’s fashion line on the sitcom Black-ish.

Design and Philosophy

Although things have taken off for Comey, she still runs a small company. In her early career, she had a focus on menswear. For several years after, and to the present day, Comey almost exclusively makes clothing for women. 

Her designs now are a bit more simple and elegant, with an edge, than something a rock star would wear on stage. From her selection, you can see that Comey’s clothes range from minimalist to eccentric, but without being loud. In an interview with Bloomberg, she states that her aim is to make clothing with the following core functions:

  • Modern

  • Sophisticated

  • Playful

  • Useful

  • Functional

At Twig, we’re excited that we carry Rachel Comey’s eponymous fashion line. And remember, this is something that you can’t find just anywhere.

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